How To Record Tv Shows On Laptop

record tv shows on laptop

Basically, turning out a computer into the PC TV will be simple and once the Digital Video Recorder option will be useful for this. In order to enable the laptop or computer to record the TV shows, the Windows Media Center application has been included in the some part of the windows edition.

At that time, Microsoft has been discontinued the Windows Media Center, the laptop users has been turned into the some other commercial software that is inexpensive has been paired with the channel tuner for recording the most favorite TV shows.

The most famous options included here are Beyond TV and Sage TV. If you want to know how to record tv shows on laptop, then you can proceed further and know the real facts.



Those who require the DVR capabilities, the emby home media application will be available for computer owners. This application requires subscription and it is reasonable and annually or monthly payable. The setup will be brief and very easy.

However it does not offer the source for the TV guide data. You would simply consists of the channels list and no information will be provides. To solve this issue, then you can make use of the software.


Make use of the computer with the Plex media server tool for recording TV Shows on a PC and then can watch it. You require the Plex Pass subscription and the connected TV tuner to record live TV to the computer.

The subscription of plex media server has been available and affordable on a yearly, monthly or even the lifetime basis.


The tablo will be the DVR and hardware tuner that users can able to access via the windows application very effectively. It consists of the built-in hard drive and it will connect to the home high-speed network.

Making use of the tablo apps, you can able to watch the schedule recodings and live TV in a top notch manner. With this tool, one can easily record and watch TV even though it is not the home media center.


This application is the best way to record television to computer without any issues. In order to setup, this will be simple method. And this will execute this process most effectively. As the home media library, it will never function. To use this application, a minuscule annual subscription is needed.